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We have been providing exceptional care and education set in a 1920s house with large gardens for over 10 years. Let your children develop in a natural and individual way in a calm and peaceful environment.


We use the unique and successful Montessori approach for your child's education and development.


We believe this method offers your children the best possible start in life, supporting them and allowing them to flourish in a friendly and safe environment enabling them to reach their fullest potential.


Each child's individuality is respected and each child is encouraged and supported to develop their self-confidence, independence and self-discipline in a respectful social context where personal and social responsibility are highly valued.

Why choose Stoke Bishop Montessori for your child's early education?

• Stimulating apparatus in a carefully maintained classroom environment

• Mixed age groups across the whole nursery

• Staff are highly trained, qualified and experienced in the Montessori method

• Research is regularly carried out and reviewed to help towards the implementation of changes to our teaching approach

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For more information please don't hesitate to contact us today.

A dedicated and unique learning environment for children aged 2 to 5 years

Stoke Bishop Montessori School

A nursery school in Bristol

Our nursery session times:

• 8am - 6pm for the whole day

• 8am - 1pm for the morning session

• 1pm - 6pm for the afternoon session


We are open 47 weeks of the year.

To encourage your child's natural early development

call: 0117 968 6960

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